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The Meadows at Lawrence is designed to provide our residents with the level of care they need to remain healthy and happy, alongside the autonomy and comfort that’s necessary to feel truly at home. Our elder-centered model places the maximum possible decision-making authority in the hands of our residents and those closest to them.

We take a modern and innovative approach to care services, placing an emphasis on the quality of our residents’ daily lived experiences as they go about their days on our lovely campus. Our senior cottages are thoughtfully designed to promote individuality and a strong sense of self, which leads to the positivity and contentment that is crucial to maintaining good health. Our older adults create genuine homes with privacy and comfort in one of our warm and welcoming single-floor cottages, each featuring ten private bed-and-bath suites overlooking our beautifully landscaped, serene grounds. 

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Each cottage at The Meadows at Lawrence is equipped with its very own team of universal workers who are present at all times to tend to the needs, care, and comfort of each individual. Every member of our skilled team is carefully selected for their ability to provide thoughtful and compassionate care as they collaborate with the clinical support staff to constantly provide each resident with individualized, optimal care.

The Meadows at Lawrence is a Medicare and Medicaid approved skilled nursing facility. Each resident has access to a vast array of services, further complemented by the resources provided by Lawrence Rehabilitation Hospital. A stimulating array of daily activities alongside spiritual care, security, and transportation are all provided to help make life at The Meadows at Lawrence enjoyable, comfortable, and fulfilling for all of our elders.


We believe that community is an integral part of a happy, balanced lifestyle. That’s why each of our cottages features a spacious hearth room at its center with a fireplace, a comfortable patio, a shared dining room, an open kitchen, as well as a spa area and a cozy library. These amenities are accessible to elders and their loved ones at all times.

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Proudly Serviced by
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The Meadows at Lawrence seeks to provide those in our community with the opportunity to lead a meaningful life in a real home, supported by empowered staff. We encourage each of our elders to exercise as much autonomy as they would like, giving them full control over their daily routines, sleep rhythms, meals, self-care, and introspective time. Each resident is directly involved in the formulation and execution of their own specialized care plan, and all community members enjoy both formal and informal opportunities for social engagement – both within the nursing home and beyond.

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals is there at all times to attentively support the health and medical care, wellness, and social needs of each member of our community. The care team devotes itself to developing relationships with each individual and their family in order to foster connections and provide the highest possible level of care.

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The Urgent SNF™ Service supports a global healthcare expectation for the right provision of care in the right place at the right time.


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